We Specialize In Business,
Estate, Trust & Individual Tax



Individual TaxPlaning and Preparation

At Biz Whiz CPAs, we specialize in individual tax preparation, offering meticulous and personalized services to ensure your financial well-being. Whether you are filing Form 1040 or 1040Z with any tax schedules, our dedicated team is well-versed in handling a variety of tax scenarios.

  • A - itemized deductions
  • B - Interest and Dividend Income
  • C - Self-employment income
  • D -Capital Gains/Losses for capital assets, real estate
  • E - Rental Income
  • F - Farm income
  • H - Household Employees
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Business TaxPlaning and Preparation

  • Small & Mid-Size Businesses
  • Self-Employees

Register and schedule a Phone or online video consultation. At Biz Whiz CPAs, we specialize in comprehensive business tax preparation services, catering to the unique needs of various business structures. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in handling tax filings for C Corporations (Form 1120), S Corporations (Form 1120S), and Partnerships (Form 1065).


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Estates and Trusts TaxPlaning and Preparation

We offer expert tax services for Estates and Trusts, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Our approach includes thorough planning, maximizing deductions, strategic liability management, and complete filing support. Specializing in complex estate and trust taxation, we aim to optimize financial outcomes for both fiduciaries and beneficiaries, providing clarity and peace of mind in handling these sensitive financial responsibilities.

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Why ChooseBizWhizCpa

Diverse Professional Background

With experience in corporate finance at JP Morgan, government regulation, and entrepreneurship, we offer unmatched tax services and expert navigation of complex tax landscapes.

Insights from Prior Government Banking Regulation

Our govenrment regulatory auditing experience has equipped us with knowledge of government processes and regulations, which ensures your tax filings are compliant with the IRS Tax Code, optimized, and up-to-date with regulatory changes.

Proactive Savings Approach

Our goal is not just to prepare your taxes but to proactively identify opportunities for tax savings and efficient financial planning, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Tax Savings StrategiesTax-saving strategies like


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We Specialize In Business,
Estate and Trust And Individual Tax
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Business Tax
S-Corporation Filer
C-Coroporation Filer
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W-2 Employee with Additional Income
Individuals with Higher Deductions that Standard - 1040 + Sch. A
Individuals with Interest and Dividend Income - 1040 + Sch. B
Individuals with Self-Employed Income - 1040 + Sch. C
Individuals with Capital Gains/Losses - 1040 + Sch. D
Individuals with Rental, Royalty or S-corp Income - 10140+Sch E
Individuals with Farm Income - 1040 + Sch F
Individuals with Household employees - 1040 +Sch H

Planning & Preparation

A - itemized Deductions
B - Interest and Dividend Income
C - Self-Employment Income
D - Capital Gains/Losses for Capital Assets
E - Rental Income, Royalties, S-Corp Income
F - Farm Income
H - Household Employees

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