We Specialize In Business,
Estate, Trust & Individual Tax


At Biz Whiz CPAs, our mission is to empower hardworking business owners, self-employed individuals, estates, and trusts with strategic Tax Saving and Planning Solutions. With a decade of hands-on experience preparing taxes for affiliate businesses, coupled with a background in banking sector auditing and federal banking regulatory supervisory roles, we bring a unique blend of expertise from the private and federal government sectors to the table. Our commitment is to navigate the complexities of the IRS Tax Code with precision, interpret publications and notifications with clarity, and leverage our business acumen to provide tailored solutions that optimize your financial success. At Biz Whiz CPAs, we don't just offer tax services; we're your partners in achieving lasting financial well-being. Let's work together to secure your financial future with confidence and strategy.

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We Specialize In Business,
Estate and Trust And Individual Tax
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Business Tax
S-Corporation Filer
C-Coroporation Filer
LLC - Single / Multiple Owners Filer
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W-2 Employee with Additional Income
Individuals with Higher Deductions that Standard - 1040 + Sch. A
Individuals with Interest and Dividend Income - 1040 + Sch. B
Individuals with Self-Employed Income - 1040 + Sch. C
Individuals with Capital Gains/Losses - 1040 + Sch. D
Individuals with Rental, Royalty or S-corp Income - 10140+Sch E
Individuals with Farm Income - 1040 + Sch F
Individuals with Household employees - 1040 +Sch H

Planning & Preparation

A - itemized Deductions
B - Interest and Dividend Income
C - Self-Employment Income
D - Capital Gains/Losses for Capital Assets
E - Rental Income, Royalties, S-Corp Income
F - Farm Income
H - Household Employees

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