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We specialize in providing tailored tax planning and preparation services for C Corporations filing Form 1120. Our goal is to streamline your tax process while maximizing compliance and efficiency. Here’s what you can expect when you choose our services.
Thorough Tax Planning

Thorough Tax Planning

Our approach begins with strategic tax planning. We conduct a detailed analysis of your corporation's financial activities to identify opportunities for tax savings and to ensure optimal tax strategies are in place for both the short and long term.

Customized Preparation

Customized Preparation

We understand that each C Corporation has unique needs. Our preparation process is customized to your business, ensuring that every relevant income, deduction, and credit is accurately accounted for.

Compliance Assurance:

Navigating the complexities of corporate tax laws can be challenging. Our team stays current with the latest tax regulations to ensure your Form 1120 is fully compliant with IRS standards.

Financial Statement Analysis:

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your financial statements, identifying key areas that impact your tax position.

                                                                           Ongoing Consultation and Support

Ongoing Consultation and Support

Our service extends beyond tax season. We offer year-round consultation to address any tax-related questions and assist with quarterly tax estimates and planning.


Technology & Security

Technology & Security

We employ the latest tax software and technology to ensure accuracy and security in handling your sensitive financial data.

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We Specialize In Business,
Estate and Trust And Individual Tax
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W-2 Employee with Additional Income
Individuals with Higher Deductions that Standard - 1040 + Sch. A
Individuals with Interest and Dividend Income - 1040 + Sch. B
Individuals with Self-Employed Income - 1040 + Sch. C
Individuals with Capital Gains/Losses - 1040 + Sch. D
Individuals with Rental, Royalty or S-corp Income - 10140+Sch E
Individuals with Farm Income - 1040 + Sch F
Individuals with Household employees - 1040 +Sch H

Planning & Preparation

A - itemized Deductions
B - Interest and Dividend Income
C - Self-Employment Income
D - Capital Gains/Losses for Capital Assets
E - Rental Income, Royalties, S-Corp Income
F - Farm Income
H - Household Employees

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