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We Advise Against Short-Term Tax Refund Loan

We advise against short-term tax refund loans simply because they are too expensive. Instead of paying the high fees to a third party, use that "Fee Charge" that you will save by waiting for your tax refund to arrive for free and spend it in your business,  on your family or friends. If you want to make a consumption purchase, you can defintely wait. If you need to pay a bill, communicate to your vendor you will be paying it very soon. Saving a few hundreds/thousands here and there from constraining ourselves a little will start to add up and your pocket will Thank You In The Long Run. 

Tax Refund Loans (RALs) are costly, short-term loans offered by non-bank lenders and secured by expected tax refunds. They come with high fees and interest rates, often resulting in triple-digit APRs. While providing immediate cash, they pose risks like increased debt if the refund is lower or delayed, potentially affecting credit scores. RALs incur multiple fees, including application, tax-preparation, check-processing, and account fees, leading to significant costs on the anticipated refund. They are often found in tax preparation businesses, car dealerships, and retail stores. However, better alternatives exist, such as patiently waiting for an IRS direct deposit, which can take as little as 8 days, or utilizing free IRS tax preparation services. Opening a bank account for direct deposit can also avoid these costs. In summary, RALs are an expensive way to access tax refunds and should be approached with caution, considering cheaper and safer options.


See the link below from FINRA's website: https://www.finra.org/investors/insights/tax-refund-loans

What is FINRA? FINANCIAL INDUSTRY REGULATORY AUTHORITY is authorized by Congress to protect America’s investors by making sure the broker-dealer industry operates fairly and honestly

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We Specialize In Business,
Estate and Trust And Individual Tax
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